Sleep Questionnaire

Please describe.
Please include whether you feed both sides at every feed?
Please include how many mls for each bottle.
Please indicate if they are eating morning tea and afternoon tea.
If not could you please purchase one before I come.

Please begin to keep a log of your day and night. I would like you to note wake times, sleep times, milk, solids and how you settled to sleep each nap/bedtime/wake during the night

To confirm our consultation time I do ask for payment.

My bank details are as follows:

ING Direct

Account Name: Chantal Cohen

BSB: 923-100

Account number: 31826713

When I come please have your little one ready for a nap/bedtime. They can be playing on the floor quietly with TV off. I will spend a bit of time letting them get to know me and then you and I will discuss the current issues and how I am proposing to settle your child going forward. You may like to offer your child a breast/bottle at this time.Then we will move into the bedroom where I will demonstrate how to settle and you can watch on a video baby monitor or from a spot in the room. My settling is hands on and comforting however children will cry when they try something new.