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Intuitive sleep solutions with a caring, gentle approach.

Scheduled Phone Consultation

Chantal facilitates great results over the phone with definitive sleep training techniques and customised sleep plans specific to your child and family circumstances.

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In Home Consultation

Personalised sleep plan and followup support with a bedtime settle so you can observe and practice. Chantal’s experience and empathetic approach creates confident little sleepers.

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Overnight Settling

It’s every sleep deprived parents dream. Finally get some rest while Chantal fast tracks your settling plan and gently gives you the confidence to use her gentle, caring and consistent sleep techniques.

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Minal Galappaththi Avatar
Minal Galappaththi
07 Sep 2021 - Facebook

*Mothers Group Session with Chantal*

A couple of months ago some of the mums in my mothers group were about to...
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Joanne Varcoe Avatar
Joanne Varcoe
07 Sep 2021 - Facebook

We contacted Chantal to help with our two year old son as he wasn’t able to fall/
stay sleep on...
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Megan Hardingham Avatar
Megan Hardingham
19 Aug 2021 - Facebook

Chantal came for two nights to help us with our 16 month old, who had always been a terrible sleeper... read more

Monique Breese Avatar
Monique Breese
16 Aug 2021 - Facebook

I cannot not recommend Chantal highly enough. Our 20 month old daughter Bowie was waking at least three times during... read more

Ashleigh Matthews Avatar
Ashleigh Matthews
14 Aug 2021 - Facebook

Wow! Is what I will start with. Chantal was just fabulous and we only had a 30 minute consultation over... read more

Francesca Cirillo Avatar
Francesca Cirillo
11 Aug 2021 - Facebook

We contacted Chantal for our 1 year old daughter who had never slept through the night and would wake 3+... read more


Chantal Cohen is certified and experienced in infant and child sleep settling with a background in Early Childhood Education.

As a mum of three, Chantel’s compassionate and understanding nature combined with gentle, caring and consistent settling methods gives tired mums and dads the relief and reassurance they need.

For over 15 years she has been able to support exhausted, sleep deprived parents to create positive, healthy sleep habits in their children and get their evenings back!

Many families struggle with sleep time and the overwhelming sea of advice and information.

It is unlikely that sleep issues will miraculously disappear and in fact will usually lead to even bigger challenges heading towards school age.

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