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Intuitive sleep solutions with a caring, hands-on, supportive approach.

Scheduled Phone Consultation

Chantal facilitates great results over the phone with definitive sleep training techniques and customised sleep plans specific to your child and family circumstances.

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In Home Consultation

Personalised sleep plan and followup support with a bedtime settle so you can observe and practice. Chantal’s experience and empathetic approach creates confident little sleepers.

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Overnight Settling

It’s every sleep deprived parents dream. Finally get some rest while Chantal fast tracks your settling plan and gently gives you the confidence to use her hands-on, supportive, caring and consistent sleep techniques.

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Jodie Borg Avatar
Jodie Borg
19 Feb 2024
My husband and I contacted Chantel as we needed help for our twin girls with trying to get them settle to sleep. We booked Chantel in to come to our house and show us how to settle the girls. From the start Chantel was amazing. She got to know us and the girls. She guided us through strategies and techniques to use to get our twins to settle and sleep more. She individualised the strategies for each of our girls and what would work in our busy lives as we also have another child. The ongoing support was extremely helpful and we always felt supported. We ere able to ask questions and change things to suit each of the girls. The girls are now getting sleep and are much happier. We are now getting quality sleep and have the confidence and knowledge to continue to help our girls with sleep in the future. Thank you so much Chantel.
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Sarah Khoury Avatar
Sarah Khoury
15 Feb 2024
And so the baby whisperer strikes again! This is the second time I’ve used Chantal. She is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Her insight & guidance truly works when implemented correctly. I highly recommend Chantal to all the parents out there struggling to get their little ones to sleep better! Thank you again, you’ve restored some hope for this tired mama!
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Jennifer Turner Avatar
Jennifer Turner
13 Feb 2024
Chantal was recommended to me by a friend, and have been so grateful that I contacted her. I was struggling with finding a plan to help my little one sleep and the helpful, practical advice she gave us has made a massive difference to my boys sleep, and my general mental health. I found Chantal to be compassionate and a great listener and was patient with all my questions. Definately recommend her!
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Hayley Scutts Avatar
Hayley Scutts
06 Feb 2024
We were told about Chantal by some ladies in my mothers group, and we were very grateful to get her details. She was so professional, yet warm and we felt so comfortable with her. She assessed our sons room and gave us some really helpful tips that were game changing. Chantal also continued to text us and check-in to give us further advice and help when needed. No doubt I'll be calling Chantal for baby number 2!
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Heidi S Avatar
Heidi S
25 Jan 2024
Chantal literally changed our lives now that we have a 9 month old who sleeps in his own cot. Before getting help from Chantal, our baby had to be breastfed to sleep, co slept at night and had to be held for naps. It got to a point where he was waking up every hour! I was always tired and grumpy. And not having much time to spend with our 3 year old meant more tantrums and meltdowns. It was stressful for the whole family! But after unsuccessfully sleep training our baby ourselves we knew we had to seek professional help. Chantal was just the person we needed. Very experienced and knew exactly what to do. She demonstrated how to put our baby to sleep and then gave us clear instructions to follow. She followed up everyday and was quick to respond to our questions. Yes, lots of crying in the first few days but by the third, fourth day it just seemed to click. We would definitely recommend Chantal to anyone thinking of seeking help with their baby’s sleep. She certainly has changed our lives, even our 3 year old is happier now that mummy is not always preoccupied with the baby!
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Hannah Scott Avatar
Hannah Scott
22 Jan 2024
Having Chantal come into our home to help with our 15 month old has changed our lives. We went from waking 8-10 times a night to sleeping through almost instantaneously. Chantal had a soft, gentle and kind approach to helping her understand and be comfortable in her sleep and really helped us to learn along the way. With some tweaks to routine and a written out plan which we followed, 6 weeks on and we have only had 2 nights where she has woken only the once, all whilst teething, sick, and through the changes of moving house and Christmas combined. Couldn’t recommend Chantal highly enough, I would give 100 stars if I could!
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Chantal Cohen is certified and experienced in infant and child sleep settling with a background in Early Childhood Education.

As a mum of three, Chantal’s compassionate and understanding nature combined with hands-on, supportive, caring and consistent settling methods gives tired mums and dads the relief and reassurance they need.

For over 15 years she has been able to support exhausted, sleep deprived parents to create positive, healthy sleep habits in their children and get their evenings back!

Many families struggle with sleep time and the overwhelming sea of advice and information.

It is unlikely that sleep issues will miraculously disappear and in fact will usually lead to even bigger challenges heading towards school age.

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