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Intuitive sleep solutions with a caring, hands-on, supportive approach.

Scheduled Phone Consultation

Chantal facilitates great results over the phone with definitive sleep training techniques and customised sleep plans specific to your child and family circumstances.

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In Home Consultation

Personalised sleep plan and followup support with a bedtime settle so you can observe and practice. Chantal’s experience and empathetic approach creates confident little sleepers.

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Overnight Settling

It’s every sleep deprived parents dream. Finally get some rest while Chantal fast tracks your settling plan and gently gives you the confidence to use her hands-on, supportive, caring and consistent sleep techniques.

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AbhiT 7 Avatar
AbhiT 7
17 Jun 2024
We had an overnight settle with Chantal for our 3 month old son. We were struggling for the last 6 weeks with contact naps throughout the day and night as reflux was playing havoc. We’d already started him on meds for it but he still had a max of 30 mins sleep at a time in his bassinet. Chantal came over and worked a miracle! We were amazed at how effective her strategies were and how quickly we were able to implement them. Chantal is so supportive and her help has been life changing for us! Will be recommending her to everyone.
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Briana Hanly Avatar
Briana Hanly
06 Jun 2024
Chantal is a miracle worker. We’ve gone from 4+ night wakes and 20min catnaps, to sleeping through the night and 1hr+ day naps! We chose the 3 night Overnight Settle service with our 8 month old girl, and am eternally grateful for Chantal’s help. Shout it from the fooftops!
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Steven Sampson Avatar
Steven Sampson
06 Jun 2024
Chantal was amazing. Our 10 week old daughter was rarely napping during the day and when she was, it was only contact naps after a feed. She would also wake throughout the night. After one visit from Chantal, things drastically improved literally overnight. Our baby started to nap in her bassinet during the day. The naps are becoming more frequent and longer in duration. She’s taking less time to fall asleep. And she’s actually sleeping through the night without waking. At 10 weeks! We are also seeing a much happier baby with less screaming as she is no longer overtired from lack of napping. This is all thanks to Chantal’s practical and achievable strategies. She has changed our lives and helped make this newborn phase far more enjoyable. 10/10 would recommend.
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Angalie Abraham Avatar
Angalie Abraham
05 Jun 2024
We were at the end of our tether with our 18 month old boy. Getting up 5-6 times a night, drinking multiple bottles of milk. It was placing so much stress on our family and quality of life. Giving control to Chantal for the 3 nights, following her instructions have been life changing. Our boy knows the drill, routine and there is not fights getting him to sleep. More importantly we now have the confidence to interpret our sons sleep signs and now know how to comfort without falling into bad habits. She provided excellent advice on his day time routine and the bedroom environment. We have been able to modify things slightly to adjust to external factors sickness/travel etc Bub now sleeps mostly through the night 7pm to 6am. Maybe waking 1-2 times but self settles. This has truly been worth the time and money and has given us back our sanity and confidence. Can't thank Chantal enough.
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Danielle Meng Avatar
Danielle Meng
27 May 2024
I contacted Chantal for a half hour chat to review our 4 month old baby's routine. Before we made any changes, our baby needed to be held for his lunch nap. He started waking at 5 am in the morning, and only would sleep in our arms after that. Chantal gave us some suggestions to change our nursery's environment and encouraged us to follow a slightly different routine. In a day's time our baby started waking up between 6.30 to 7 instead of 5. In terms of his lunch nap, he now can nap on the go, which is a great way for me to get out and get some excercise in! Can't wait to book another session with Chantal and learn how to help my baby to self settle 🙂 Thank you so much Chantal! 💓
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Lukas&Sophia Zimmermann Avatar
Lukas&Sophia Zimmermann
21 May 2024
We would 100% recommend Chantal’s sleep consultation to any parents who struggle with their children’s sleep. Chantal was down to earth, empathetic and so knowledgable with advice and tips she gave us. We contacted Chantal initially because our 11 months old son was struggling to fall asleep independently that he always needed us to help him fall asleep. The personalised plan she created for us was 100% effective that it’s been less than two weeks now but he has learnt to fall asleep independently and his day naps at home and daycare are so much more restful for him. We are very grateful for the service we received.
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Chantal Cohen is certified and experienced in infant and child sleep settling with a background in Early Childhood Education.

As a mum of three, Chantal’s compassionate and understanding nature combined with hands-on, supportive, caring and consistent settling methods gives tired mums and dads the relief and reassurance they need.

For over 15 years she has been able to support exhausted, sleep deprived parents to create positive, healthy sleep habits in their children and get their evenings back!

Many families struggle with sleep time and the overwhelming sea of advice and information.

It is unlikely that sleep issues will miraculously disappear and in fact will usually lead to even bigger challenges heading towards school age.

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