About Chantal Cohen

Chantal has helped many families with the holy-grail, precious sleep! She is intuitive, sensitive, caring and able to give parents the support and strength they need during this stressful and exhausting stage. The biggest reward for Chantal is hearing how excited parents are to have their evenings and sleep back! Chantal is realistic and develops customised solutions and methods that will work best for you, your child and family.
29 10, 2019

Sleep Settling and Solids Seminar


Did you know that parents can experience insomnia as a result of constant wakeups as they pre-empt their child waking all through the night? On Monday, a group of lucky mums were able to attend a two hour talk on introducing solids and the all-important sleep and settling for babies in an intimate setting at a café in Colebee.

Sleep Settling and Solids Seminar2019-11-13T21:37:46+11:00

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