Some of my clients frequently asked questions

Usually by three months of age, most babies have started to develop a regular sleep/wake pattern and have stopped needing so many overnight feeds.

Somewhere between four to six months most babies are ready for sleep guidance, with sleep training able to start from six months of age.

Chantal provides in-home, personalised sleep foundation plans, advice, age appropriate routines and support at any time from birth to three years, and will work with parents from six months who want to find a gentle, supportive sleep training method perfect for their child and them.

Chantal has an extremely high success rate with her clients and their bubs.  Chantal works with her clients at the initial consultation to come up with realistic sleep goals and she is extremely committed to achieving them! Every child is different and often parents may need to adjust their expectations during the sleep training process.
Working with a sleep consultant can be a rewarding and highly successful method of achieving a more structured, happier and less sleep deprived life!

You may have read every infant sleep book, and you may be having your fourth child, but every baby is different and each one needs a personalised routine and sleep settling plan for ultimate success.

Using a certified, trained and experienced sleep consultant such as Chantal can ensure your success,

  • Chantal provides a one-on-one in-home personalised sleep service and is therefore able to gain an in-depth understanding of your baby and the sleep issues you are experiencing,
  • Often just meeting with Chantal and gaining advice and support can be just the thing to help parents achieve success,
  • Chantal will ‘hold your hand” during the tough times, and fine-tune the sleep plan as needed,
  • When you pay for a service, you are much more likely to follow it and gain success,
  • Chantal aims to empower parents and enable them to settle their child in a way that suits them; when you use a program that suits you, you are more likely to stick with it long term.

These things happen! Please let Chantal know as soon as possible and she will find you a later date when your child is well again. What is the best age to sleep train a child? Somewhere between four to six months most babies are ready for sleep guidance, with supportive sleep training able to start from four months. Chantal does usually recommend waiting until at least 4 months for any type of sleep training but will work with younger babies to tweak routines, sleep environments and provide appropriate sleep settling advice for this age group. Chantal provides in-home, personalised sleep foundation plans, advice, age-appropriate routines and support anytime from birth to three years, and will work with parents who want to find a hands on and bespoke sleep training method perfect for their child and them.

Children often show resistance to any changes put in place, and there may be a few tears and slight discomfort as they express and work through their frustration during this process. When you cease the sleep associations the child is used to experiencing at bedtime and during the night; patting, feeding to sleep, rocking, sleeping in your bed and so on then the child will express their frustration.

Every method Chantal recommends is designed to be gentle and minimise crying for your child. Chantal prefers hands-on settling techniques and parental presence as comfort methods. Chantal is committed to children feeling safe, secure and comforted as they go to sleep.

As a mother and certified sleep consultant, Chantal is extremely responsive and intuitive and her vast experience allows her to know how to soothe your child and lull them to sleep.

Children are resilient and parents should remember that through this process they are giving their little one and themselves the best gift possible, the gift of sleep.

When you contact Chantal she will be able to guide you as to what service will be most helpful. Most clients start with an in-home consultation, sleep foundation plan and one month guidance. If you prefer to have someone implement the sleep plan for you or still require further support Chantal offers overnight sleep settling services.
In order for your child to be settled and sleep well at night, it is important to establish a reasonable and fairly consistent daily routine that fits with your baby’s age and developmental stage. Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, it can be really helpful to get your baby into a pattern that works for them and their individual needs.

Ensuring bubs are getting enough feeds and nutrition during the day and appropriate wake windows so they are tired but not overtired is important in a routine for good sleep. Not enough sleep during the day can lead to overnight wake-ups and interrupted sleep.