Sensitive Sleep

Qualified Breastfeeding and Lactation Counsellor by Australasian Lactation Courses.

About Chantal

Baby & Child Sleep Consultant

Chantal became very interested in sleep after having her own three children, with her first daughter being a terrible sleeper. Confronted by sleep deprivation and struggling to cope with interrupted sleep all night long firsthand, Chantal decided to pursue a career in infant sleep settling and gained certification at the International Maternity Institute and has never looked back. More recently, in 2021, Chantal completed an Advanced Sensitive Sleep Consulting course via the Institute of Sensitive Sleep Consulting.

A mother of 3 lively girls and with a background in Early Childhood Education, Chantal holds a Diploma in Early Childhood from Macleay College and has worked as a nanny for over 15 years to many families, finding that she has a gift of settling and helping their babies to sleep well.

Chantal is also a qualified Lactation Counsellor, completing studies in 2021 at the Australasian Lactation College.

As a prolific community advocate for promoting sleep for struggling parents, Chantal works closely with Choice Pharmacy and other organisations as a key speaker to empower parents; helping them keep their infants and children settled and in a good sleep routine.

Chantal has helped many families with the holy-grail, precious sleep! She is intuitive, sensitive, caring and able to give parents the support and strength they need during this stressful and exhausting stage. The biggest reward for Chantal is hearing how excited parents are to have their evenings and sleep back!

Chantal is realistic and develops customised solutions and methods that will work best for you, your child and family. She specialises in supportive and hands on sleep training methods but has experience in all methods.


When it comes to sleep, Chantal is passionate about providing quality sleep guidance, relief and support to exhausted parents through a personalised one-on-one sleep service etc. Your little one’s sleep changes can occur in the comfort and privacy of your own home where you can continue to implement the settling techniques after your time together.


Chantal uses a holistic approach employing a range of hands-on, supportive, nurturing sleep methods for the wellbeing of your child and the whole family unit. Chantal aims to empower parents by combining knowledge, experience and mothers intuition in order to best tailor a sleep solution unique to each families needs and lifestyle.