This last couple of weeks I have helped three lots of twin families with sleep in Sydney; one a boy and a girl, another two boys and the most recent; two girls. I love working with twins; the challenge of having to solve not one but two sleep problems (in one go!) are so interesting and keeps me on my toes. When working with twins we do need to remember to treat them as individuals and as a result ensure that all their needs, both physically and emotionally are being met during the sleep transition process.

Helping implement sleep and settling changes for twins is not for the faint hearted. As one dad remarked to me as he left nervously, “You are a brave woman”. Fifteen minutes later I walked downstairs with both girls fast asleep. Mum and dad were in disbelief; it had been taking them up to three hours for both girls to fall asleep in the preceding nights. They couldn’t believe they would be able to keep it up claiming that I was a baby sleep whisperer and it would never last. Well I can happily report that a week later and those twins are still sleeping beautifully. Mum and dad have stayed consistent and implemented all the changes needed and these combined with mum and dad’s newfound confidence have really contributed to their sleep success. Mum tells me that dad is a natural sleep settler! He just didn’t have the tools before!

Twins take comfort from each other; even though they may wake the other up when they are protesting, it can be a real benefit for them to room share. Once all the sleep foundations and consistent settling methods are in place, then having someone to share the room with can really help them resettle themselves and sleep through.

If your twins are experiencing multiple wake-ups, prolonged settling to sleep and/or short naps through the day then contact me!