Consultation and Overnight Settle

$795.00 11 hours

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In your home from 7pm to 6am

Chantal recommends three nights for maximum sleep success. Additional nights are $600 per night and can be added to your booking below.


A favourite for many clients, this package fast-tracks the consultation process and sees Chantal on-hand to implement the settling plan with you for one night.

Become empowered as you observe, practice and gain confidence using sleep techniques best suited for your child.

Text/email support is included for one month.

1 review for Consultation and Overnight Settle

  1. Elizabeth

    I contacted Chantal after a friend had highly recommended her.

    Our 11 month old had never been a great sleeper, and though he had been able to self settle for a period from about 7-9 months he’d hit a regression and daytime naps were a huge battle. This affected his overnight sleeping. He’d often wake every hour after bed before midnight. We were rocking him back to sleep each time. I had been almost on one feed an ten pm and was now back to one at around 2:30am as well. We were having mornings of being awake from 3:30am until 5am or once he didn’t go back to sleep until 8:30! He was waking at 5:00am pretty much every day and we were trying everything to get him to sleep a little later. He was exhausted and irritable as a result.

    Within 2 nights Owen was sleeping from 7:30pm to 6:00/6:30am. He was going down for naps easily and sleeping solidly for 2 hrs rather than waking after 30 mins. He seemed relieved to be in his cot, and was loving the structure of wind down. He has consistently slept through every night with maybe a very short wake. If we need to resettle it takes less than a minute. There have only been a couple of times where it’s gone off the rails for one reason or another but Chantals approach makes me feel confident we can get back on track. It makes me feel calm. And helps me to be able to settle him without a feeling of irritation or stress. This is HUGE. I hated feeling so helpless and angry when we couldn’t settle him, and it definitely wasn’t helping.

    Chantal is kind and gentle and confident. Despite the intensity of the first night, my son warmed to her immediately.
    I felt she always had the best interests of the whole family at the Centre of her approach.

    We a really needed someone to step in and have that hands on support and she provided exactly that. The ongoing text and phone support as a follow up is invaluable. Having someone to text anytime of the day or night when you are feeling unsure and exhausted is a game changer.

    Chantal is passionate about helping families solve their sleep problems. We are so much more rested, happier and calmer since she’s worked with us.

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